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Cleaning shop - DTM/GrA/E30M3

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  • Cleaning shop - DTM/GrA/E30M3

    Circumstances beyond my control force me to offer for sale alot of stuff I've been personally collecting for myself over the past years. Engine bits, racecar spares, and other miscellaneous M3 stuff (takeoffs, etc).

    Note that the DTM engine parts are for the most part made to go together, and if you want a 360+ hp project, only a few things are needed to complete (gasket set, front crank pulley and waterpump pulley, and bearings). I would prefer to sell the DTM engine bits to one customer to complete this project and can offer advice and parts lists on what is necessary to finish the same. A package deal will also be discussed.

    $4,800 Group A Trans zero miles on proper rebuild
    $120 Aluminum trans mounts
    $1,300 Group A Oil Pan -- w/ all 3 baffles
    $1,049 DTM Aluminum diff case
    $1,200 16 DTM shim under buckets
    $600 8 GrA shim under buckets
    $250 DTM oil pump
    $849 4 DTM oil squiters - 1.0mm
    $189 pair DTM cam sprockets - adjustable
    $750 set DTM rods
    $250 set timing chain components - almost new
    $60 upper oil pan
    $2,850 49.5mm magnesium slide throttles - linear pot - with fuel rail
    $2,679 8 injector S14/6 carbox airbox - 160mm runners - 48mm - for throttles (but will work with sliders)
    $179 fuel rail for above
    $1,679 DTM Block (newly refreshed for pistons below)
    $950 DTM-Wisecos (BMW pistons) 13.0:1, new w/ rings and pins fitted
    $3,279 92 DTM crank - virtually irreplaceable - 87mm stroke
    $3,479 92 DTM head 39mm/32.5mm motorsport valves, SRD7 springs/retainers, Berylium seats ex-Schnitzer
    $1,400 Motorsport 320/308 set
    $639 Motorsport 320 (reground assymetrical - 4 degrees earlier intake open)
    $60 each timing covers
    $250 DTM crank sensor and bracket (for ECU4 but can be used with most aftermarket management)
    $100 100mm DTM alternator pulley

    $100 pair of axles - used low miles - good CVs

    $529 Stommel CR Racing custom radiator - new

    $225 cambox w/ tappets
    $450 38k mile stock trans
    $400 stock block
    $100 valve cover
    $100 ABS pump
    $50 Plenum
    $25 upper airbox half
    $60 stock alternator - low miles
    $169 pair ellisoid headlight assem. EXC

    $250 Front bumper complete

    $425 GrA shifter replica

    $30 8 oil filters
    $16 set XR4CS new
    $100 pair rear wheel bearings - new

    $700 Hood mold - production quality - for outer skin only

    DO NOT PM me. I will not respond. Email me at

    taylorautosport at

    Regards to all,

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    OMG! :surprised
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      <------- Fell Out of Seat.



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        Re: Cleaning shop - DTM/GrA/E30M3

        Originally posted by AndrewT
        $425 GrA shifter replica

        I want this part, to bad I dont' have a car to put it on anymore:sosad:

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          Email sent!



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            Email sent on alternator...


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              Email sent about mold.


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                Valve cover & Plenum please!

                E-mail sent. .



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                  Email sent on lights
                  My old M3, still looking for another... :peekaboo:


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                    Email sent on the 38K mile stock trans


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                      e-mail sent



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                        prayer sent for all you sinners out there!


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                          No response to email?
                          My old M3, still looking for another... :peekaboo:


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                            2 says no respone either????


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                              Sorry all for any delays. We had an ice storm here that caused havoc over the weekend.

                              Everyone who has emailed me should at the point have received a response.