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StarLock Washer for Trunk Hinge Mechanism

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  • StarLock Washer for Trunk Hinge Mechanism

    Previously I posted in the General Discussion on how to get the trunk hinges off. Now that I have taken them off I am looking for the Starlocks to replace the ones I took out. They seem to measure about 18mm or the size of a dime. Not sure of the inner diameter. Most of the Starlocks I have found are in quantities of 1000 or more pieces and mostly coming from the UK.

    BMW Dealership can't seem to find this part.

    Anyone know of where I can get two of these? I can use another type of lock screw but I would like to use OEM or something similar if possible.

    Thank you.
    This Side Pushes in.

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    Measure the outside diameter of the shaft and search McMaster Carr


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      Nice! Thank you. I will check