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FS: Carbon Airbox with special DTM 91 intake snorkel (special price)

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  • FS: Carbon Airbox with special DTM 91 intake snorkel (special price)

    for sale is a carbon Airbox with a special DTM91 intake snorkel. With that special snorkel you'll get ~5-6hp more then with the normal intake snorkel (due to the ram effect)
    Also the Airbox sound is way louder
    Box with that special snorkel costs normally 1850 Euro.....this one here 1450 Euro + shipping . All install parts are includet
    Here some pics mounted

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    so tempting...


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      But where does your filter go?
      Alles Beste!

      B. Wheaton
      1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
      2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse

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        Originally posted by Brandon View Post
        But where does your filter go?
        in the DTM they don't have used a filter...most others with racecars (like the one on the pic) also runs it without
        On street cars i have seen different solutions.
        Some have used a thin aircon filterplate between snorkel and frontgrill- some others such a special metal filter


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          I have never seen that DTM91 inlet.
          Is that compatible with the older air boxes?
          If yes is it available separately?
          If yes, cost?

          Also as a side note, for years (I think I had the first CF air box Markus sold in the US),,, all I have used is HVAC filter material over the main inlet. Works perfectly.
          jimmy p.
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            Are there more available in the near future if this goes fast? & what size runners are these?
            sigpic 95 M3 & 88 M3


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              Definitely on the wish list!


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                that intake is very cool, I have also never seen it before. Do you have to cut the radiator support for it to fit?


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                  @ Jimmy

                  Yes it will fit with the older Airboxes as well - you only need a flexible tube
                  At the moment i have only that one here.....could order it without Airbox as well but costs 500 Euro (normally 690 Euro)

                  @ Ant's m3

                  At the moment i have only that one- it is a 15cm runners Box for 46mm TBs.
                  I think i can get it in combination with other Boxes as well but not for that special price here.

                  @ 1990m3

                  On the Euro models you don't need any modifcations on the radiator.... don't know if there are any differences to the US cars



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