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FS: 3x Carbon fibre EVO3 rearwings ( 3 different flaps possible)

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  • FS: 3x Carbon fibre EVO3 rearwings ( 3 different flaps possible)

    for sale are 3 carbon EVO3 rearwings
    1 with the original BMW EVO3 rearflap (that flap alone costs 520 Euro at the dealer) for 990 Euro
    1 with a normal carbon flap (5cm longer then the stock one) 630 Euro
    1 with a DTM92 flap 680 Euro

    these base wings comes like the original ones with studs and also with the numbers stamped- bolts and washers are also includet
    Shipping would be 95 Euro

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    1 left,
    Will get the next ones not before mid august


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      2 more available


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        Originally posted by Markus View Post
        2 more available
        Are these made from the same material as the OEM wing? Did they change material for Evo 2 / Evo 3?

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          no, they are carbon replicas..... the original ones are made of PUR= polyurethane
          a complete original EVO3 rearing costs around 1800 Euro these days


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            I would like a wing with a normal (5cm longer) flap please, shipping to US 77356


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              got 2 more of these rearwings today.....
              But there is still the problem with the shipping to the USA ( DHL have cancelled that XL package for 95 Euro)
              So the cheapest shipping option is now the 4-5 days UPS shipping for 190 Euro
              To Kanada it is still possible for 95 Euro
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