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F/S - M3 Roof Cap/Decklid/Slicktop skin

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  • F/S - M3 Roof Cap/Decklid/Slicktop skin

    Treat yo self!

    Clearing out the garage, so selling these bits I'm never going to get around to using. I have an M3 roof "cap", a decklid and a non-sunroof roof panel. These parts are not new. They will not bolt on in a lazy afternoon. They might require painting. Not for the faint of heart, but a perfect alternative for someone who wants to ruin a perfectly good E30 M3 to make an S52 swap car. Convert a 325i instead of "shelling" out $15K over a ratty M3 shell that needs $5k in body work anyway.

    See pictures, they are pretty self explanatory. If it's not pictured, sorry, I don't have it.

    * The roof cap does not include moldings or back glass. it does ooze sex appeal though. No, I did not cut the roof off a perfectly good M3. This donor car was dead a long time ago.

    * The decklid does not include hinges, spoiler, emblem, etc. Decklid has damged corners, but these can be easily repaired by someone with bodywork experience.

    * The non-sunroof skin is from a sedan. The sedan was crashed, don't ask for a Carfax. But, if you can tackle a rood cap install, you can tackle the roof skin too. If the buckle on the roof skin has you clutching your pearls; 1) you probably are not very experienced at body work, and 2) this is not the project for you. No worries. Roof skin does not have any rust. It does, however, have a few red ants. These will be included no charge.

    These parts are large. These parts are located in Dallas. Shipping will not be included. I will pallet them up for freight shipping. Won't be cheap. Shipping is not included.

    Again, this is not a project for the faint of heart, but these parts do not come up too often. Asking $3000, or best reasonable offer.

    Thanks for shopping!

    Now, some pictures. People love pictures.

    What??? an E30 M3 for sale??? I'll be right there!!!

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    Pm sent


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      still available?


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        Yes it is. Open to offers. Thx. Greg
        What??? an E30 M3 for sale??? I'll be right there!!!


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          Such a great For Sale post - if it wasn't for the fact that the shipping would kill me, I would be all over this.



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            How much for just the window frame?


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              All PMs replied to.
              What??? an E30 M3 for sale??? I'll be right there!!!


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                2019 bumps!

                Still available, still open to offers, still totally awesome.
                What??? an E30 M3 for sale??? I'll be right there!!!


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                  Check your PM