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Engine shuts down randomly and can be hard to restart.

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  • Engine shuts down randomly and can be hard to restart.

    Trying to troubleshoot this engine shutting down at random. It runs good, but has started shutting down without any regularity or pattern. This project has been years in the making, putting the basket case s14 in an '02, but got it running this year and then let it sit for months while chasing other things. It's like the engine's ignition shuts down suddenly. It will be running fine, then suddenly, engine quits, tach goes to zero, and have to restart or wait and then restart. Prior to the several months of inactivity, the engine had not died on testing it.

    It runs fine with a Programma ECU with a Dinan chip, but has started shutting down and then is difficult to start. Wait awhile, an it will start back up. Switched out for another ECU and then tried a different coil, neither of which changed anything.

    I've been searching and reading and finding with recurrence that AFM are problematic. I don't have another AFM to try and was wonder what would be the best way to troubleshoot this at this point? Are there any other things that common would cause this - a relay, a bad wire etc?

    The NOS temperature gauge has also quit working, though I don't think this is related to the above problem.

    I'm sure I'm probably leaving out pertinent information for troubleshooting this, so feel free to ask away.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!