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FS BMW M3 e30 S14 EVO Spark Plug Wire Set Red

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  • FS BMW M3 e30 S14 EVO Spark Plug Wire Set Red

    I am selling a BMW M3 e30 S14 EVO Spark Plug Wire Set Red. These are no longer available and highly sought after. This came off my 1989 m3 in running condition. Asking $300 shipped. Located in Denver Colorado.

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    Hello. Iím interested in the wires. Can you confirm that they are in fact original / OEM? Thanks.



    • StarlordMP
      StarlordMP commented
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      They are in fact genuine. They have the Bremi 13210/1bh Germany on the ends of the wires and "Beru W-Germany" on the top of the large connectors that go on the spark plugs. They are the real beru connectors.

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    I didnít know BMW uses Bremi for their oem EVO plug wires.


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      the only difference is that the original ones have used black wires....


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        Would just like to clarify these are still available brand new. Outfit formally known as BMP out of Tyler Texas, now Al Hafner Tuning still has these. I purchased a set last year for $289 of his ebay site.