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Cam Timing Tool Group Buy

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  • Cam Timing Tool Group Buy

    Hello folks, it's been a little while.

    From time to time the topic comes up about doing another group buy on these cam timing tools. Last one was back in 2011 so it's probably overdue for another attempt.

    In the past I did these at cost but it was a total nightmare. Trying to nail the exact price and correctly estimate taxes, shipping, PP fees, etc... It sucked. Looking at records from the previous GB I see I had to go back and ask for multiple payments as a result. In the end I actually lost about $200 in the last GB. So full disclosure I'm going to pad the price a little to ensure expenses are covered and if there is any profit maybe Magnus will let me donate that to the forum to help cover his costs to keep this place going. These GBs have always been done at cost and I intend to keep it that way.

    We can do this anyway you want. Just the tool, the entire kit, or partial. I have 1 quote so far to make another batch (waiting on 2 others) but it looks like a full kit would be well under $450 all in if we can get 30 or more people to commit. Here is a very rough preliminary breakdown:

    $210 Just the tool
    $150 2x Fowler digital dial indicators
    $25 1x degree wheel
    $20 2x Mitotuyo 2" needle style contact points

    Add in shipping, PP fees, taxes etc... and we should be able to keep it under $450 (unless it's being shipped outside the US).

    Here is a picture from the previous GB in 2011.

    Probably go with an 11" degree wheel like this:

    Here is a prototype version from like 2009 installed so you can get an idea how it works.

    I've made some minor updates to the design since the last GB but only to provide greater adjustability. This is now officially version 5. LOL

    Please let me know if you're interested and prepared to commit. Like I said we need 30 or more to get those prices but worst case scenario, if we only get 10 the tool price would increase by $60.

    Thanks for looking.

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    I'm in


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      Was lucky enough to get one of these the first time around. I've used it many times over the years since and it's proved invaluable. If you ever have plans to upgrade camshafts in your engine this tool will make your life a whole lot easier.


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        Clarke30 Thank you for the support!


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          Jake is back!
          1988 E30 M3 S38
          1970 E10 2002 S14


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            So far we have 13 folks on board. At those numbers tool price is $250 (plus tax, shipping, & fees). If we can find 7 more it gets us to the next price break ($200). Basically, 7 more people saves everybody $50. Last call...
            Last edited by Jake; 01-20-2020, 10:00 AM.


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              Please put me down for one. Happy to pay extra for international post. Cheers Andy


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                Count me in for the tool only please, thanks,Jon


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                  I've added you to the list. Thank you!


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                    WAIT! damn I need to check the forum more often. I'm in for the full kit, where do I sign?


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                      Hello, not computer savvy. I just joined s14net yesterday I think. I'm in, do you take paypal?


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                        I'm in for the full kit. Thank you


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                          Proctor750 and Giz918, I've added you to the list. I'm going to give it a few more days and then lock down the order with the machine shop. At that time I'll send you each a message via this forum to work out payment and options. Thanks for jumping on board!


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                            Awesome!! Thank you


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                              Jake, I am in for the full kit.

                              1989 E30 M3 Zinno
                              2004 330i ZHP (sold)
                              2018 JCW Mini