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WTB Good Getrag265 -SOLD-CLOSED

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  • WTB Good Getrag265 -SOLD-CLOSED

    Hi everyone,

    I've been watching here & the E30M3SIG for months, but so far to no avail. The gearbox in my M3, which is tracked, has a lot of trouble getting into 4th gear. No real surprise from a car with 180k that in the last 80k of my ownership has been heavily tracked and autocrossed. In the short term, the car is driveable, but I guess that at some point, I won't be able to get it into 4th at all.

    I've been passively looking for one for months, but nothing has really come up except Euro gearboxes (cool, but I don't think I need) and $1000-1500 gearboxes on ebay that say "shifted good when it came out." I'm apprehensive on whether to take that chance.

    So, does anyone have a known pretty decent US-spec gearbox sitting around that they might be willing to sell? If anyone knows a reputable seller (on ebay or anywhere else) that they would like to point me to, that would be great also.


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    I believe, but haven't verified, that G Force transmissions has an adapter plate for a T5- and they sell T5's... More than a used 265, but the T5 has lots of available ratios and can (apparently) be easily rebuilt.
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      Best of luck Lee, I went through the same search a year or two ago. I wish these were easier to rebuild.

      I used to search for one, it's an online inventory of junk yards across the country. On a quick check I see an '89 M3 transmission listed at a wrecking yard in New York. It's good to run that search a few times with the different models that received that transmission - I don't recall those off the top of my head.

      I ended up finding mine on Craigslist in Colorado (I'm in CA) and worked with the buyer to shore up confidence that it would work for me. I forget the details but we arranged a sort of "I'll refund you if it doesn't work" guarantee, so I went for it. That transmission was better, not perfect, but good enough. Good luck with your hunt.

      Also - are you active on Facebook? I hate to say it but that's where all the action is these days. If you have an account, jump on the S14 page and see if anyone has something sitting on the shelf.
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        Hi Lee,
        I would contact Metric Mechanic and ask for a ball park quote for overhaul and install roller bearings on the lay shaft, 5 new synchronisers, all the hardware re-plated and cases painted.
        Depending on how that goes you will have to weigh up investing in what you have and ending up with a near new or a used gearbox.


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          I will be pulling my ~80k mile street driven US 265 out of my M3 this summer, to install a Euro CR box. In case you’re interested.


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            For what it's worth, the 265/6 overdrive transmission, was used on the 1982 528e and 1985 535i. They are exactly the same as an E30 M3, 265/6 unit. You might try

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              I have a few good used boxes (That I actually used myself) but would prefer to not ship. Where are you located?


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                Hi, Lelandr,
                There is a BMW shop in Sacramento CA that rebuilds transmissions at reasonable prices. I have had them do mine. Let me know if you are interested.


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                  I am in the Bay Area and will be selling my good 265 purchased with the entire M3 power/drivetrain I bought for my swap with less than 100K miles on it. I will need the bell housing for my M2 conversion but the rest of it will be available. The engine had zero debris or metal shavings in it so my assumption that it was not tracked. You can even pick it up in Pleasant Hill (from 6 feet away of course)


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                    Engine is currently at Terry Tinney Performance Engines getting pistons and cams micropolished crank, new bearings, ARP fasteners and a new chain timing kit, new seats and guides and a through cleaning.


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                      Wow! Thanks all. Here, I've been sitting around watching the SIG and waiting & all I had to do was ask. PMs sent.

                      Has anyone shipped a gearbox of late? I was just wondering ballpark what I should budget for shipping.

                      Thanks for the recommendations on rebuilds. However, those are pretty expensive. My plan is to get a working box in the car & then budget for a repair/rebuild down the road since I'm also working on rebuilding the diff & replacing the axles. It seems that Mario's fancy new motor was a little much for the 178k driveline attached to it.


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                        Aren't you in Sacramento? I'm roughly 70 minutes from you.


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                          Here are some additional pics. Saw it in person at the builder and brought it home. It looks really clean, the drain plug also clean and the fluid did not smell burnt. How do I know this? Because I put it in the bed of my truck vent side down and it drained all over the place, LOL.