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WTB Rear window external trim

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  • WTB Rear window external trim

    Hi all, just check on the off chance someone has this lying around they want to get rid of. Had car shipped and this trim wasn’t well secured and flew off. It’s the metal trim that goes around the back window.

    Also need to replace the rubber seal at the bottom too if you have that


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    I believe I have a complete rear quarter window with the trim attached that I'd sell. The trim may need to be refinished. Do you have the pop-out windows or the fixed type?
    Ron ///Man

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      Sorry to clarify I need the back window trim, typo on my part. Thanks for the reply though!


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        Did the clips fail? I only ask as the rear window has to come out in order to install new clips for the rear trim you're looking for.


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          The trim was loose, not sure if it was damaged because the car has been repainted at some point. Its parts 3 and 4 in this picture:


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            Still looking? Send me your personal email so I can send some photos
            David Hellman