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e30M3 roof extension joint cover

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  • e30M3 roof extension joint cover

    51711942252 e30M3 roof extension joint cover.

    Recently saw a post of someone looking for this part. Reminded me I have one oem never installed that I bought new yrs ago. I noticed is NLA and wondering how much they’re going for?

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    It's NLA how are we supposed to know what it's worth? When it's US who needs one? Gonna say $50 bucks?

    That's like asking a dog how much dog food he wants...the answer is ALL OF IT

    Throw is up on BAT and get max dollars if that makes you feel better.

    Or try to help this super niche community out. We need all the help we can get as BMW give us almost zero support.

    E30M3 is a Legend


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      agree with the poster above. Help someone out and let them make a solid offer to you. It's a small community. You might need something from them someday.


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        I totally agree that’s why I posted here first. Now what is a good offer ? That is my question


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          I guess just a fair price to cover the cost should be enough.


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            Ok guy sell me your m3 for the money you paid, I hope you bought it 10+ years ago.
            market value is market value not what op paid for it. What if he got for a 10 bucks, he should sell for $10. Let’s say he paid 2k…is that then fair to ask? He is simple asking what FAIR MARKET value is. If you can’t help with its evaluation keep then no need to comment on morality of selling parts at a premium if that’s what they are currently worth. But hey if any of you are willing to part with your m3’s at your cost…I’m a buyer.
            to OP, I wish I could help with the evaluation of your part but they are rare and come up very seldom do it’s tough. I say work with the buyer to determine what works for both of you.


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              Just throw it on Ebay and be done with it. No forums drama no headaches.


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                OP- the last two that I have seen sell were for:

                NOS, like yours - $700
                Used - $350

                A fair price to both parties, in the current market, would be $750 IMO.

                Also, there is someone looking for one just a few posts below yours:

                Guys, My M3 shell did not come with this piece does anyone have a spare? Any color will suffice. 51711942252 #3 in the diagram: - Online BMW Parts Catalog (