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  • 1988 M3 parts car

    I have a 1988 E30 M3 I'm stripping for parts. The car was hit in the passenger side rear end, but was deemed fixable so never written off. Front window is cracked. It needs work to make it road-able. There's some rot and rust. Here's a picture of her:

    What's gone so far is as follows:

    Interior wise, front seats are gone (tentatively sold for $500 CAN ea unless someone pony's up as no money in hand yet), rest is there, sort of, less little parts here and there. E30 325i seats will bolt rite up.
    Those wheels are gone........ as I want to keep them
    Engine/tranny/ECU/engine wiring harness is gone.
    Suspension/subframe is going (tentative but no cash in hand yet) so has no wheels to move on but a dolly could be made up. The only way the suspension stays is if someone makes me a decent offer to keep it with the car.
    Car has wheels but rubber is too big, sp front end doesn't turn.

    Lots of little parts missing but if you're doing a motor/tranny swap, not an issue. All doors, hood, glass, lights are there, but this is basically a shell with parts and most of the interior. If someone has a motor/tranny, some seats, etc, etc and time to do some welding to fix up the damage, this may make a project car. The front hood is there as well as all the grills too. They were just being removed (among other things) to keep them safe while we got the motor out. Also have a rear bumper to replace the damaged one.

    I'm in no rush but would like to move this car out as it's taking up space. So looking for reasonable offers...................... just PM me......... or email . Guys, I'm seriously trying to assemble a list of prices that are reasonable, but have not gotten around to do this yet. Not trying to make a killing on this but at least something reasonably fair as the project car has big $$$$$$ needs......... but what else is new.

    [email protected]

    BTW, I'm in Toronto Canada. And I may be a bit slow in responding and/or removing parts due to current commitments.............. (yes wife..... no wife....... uh huh and so on.)
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    Hello Tom,

    What shape is the steering rack in?

    Kick the tires and light the fires!


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      I'd have to have a closer look at it but I think it's in good shape. I don't remember seeing any leaks.


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        MR. TOm,

        I need this shell please... I have a friend locally who'll snatch it right up!

        Pm or call me...

        Have a nice day. :hi:


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          If the rack is good and the price is right, I'm interested! That's if the whole car isn't sold!

          Kick the tires and light the fires!


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            Hi Tom
            Im interested in the front bumper , radiator support and some more front body parts also need some other pieces .

            THANKS ALOT JEFF. email me @[email protected]

            or call me @ (516) 972 4041


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              Guys............. please email me. That way I can print out the emails and keep track of who wants what. My email is at the top.

              Mike, I PM-ed you. That would be great.


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                You got mail


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                  I have all your emails......... but no time right now to respond to them all. Daughter has something bad sick wise and we've been sleepless for almost a week now. :grr: Just jumping one here to let you all know I will get back to you guys ASAP. And I'll be posting up some pricing shortly too.


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                    need the plastic cover under the front fenders, the arc shape mud guard..
                    pm me . s/h to 11423.


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                      Hmmmmmmm, I'll see if they are still there actually.

                      Tentatively sold (but no money in hand yet), so may pop back up.



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                        Is the radiator under flaring/skirt still availible? Also, I know this is a long shot but is the front bumper spoiler availible?
                        '87 325
                        '88 M3
                        '97 Dinan 328i


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                          IF you mean the oil cooler, it's being kept by me as I need it.

                          No to front bumper spoiler


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                            Sorry, I meant the front underskirt/belly pan.
                            '87 325
                            '88 M3
                            '97 Dinan 328i


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                              Don't have that piece........... sorry.