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AC schnitzer sport mirrors

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  • AC schnitzer sport mirrors

    how do I find a set of these?:huh:
    Last edited by battle///m3; 12-27-2002, 08:11 PM.

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    you dont, they must find you my son!

    hehe, but seriously, there was a set for sale on ebay a bit ago, these are EXPENSIVE mirors, but look so nice
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      Re: AC schnitzer sport mirrors

      Originally posted by battle///m3
      how do I find a set of these?:huh:
      The mirrors are $550 for the pair,I don't think its worth it,they don't even come with the motor.All you get is the glass and housing,oh and it comes with some sort of tube paste(I think its PU) you use to fix minor cosmetic damage.At least the housing and base are one piece so people can't just steal the housing like the e36 m3 mirrors.