Do you know the member you are purchasing from? There are people that are here to
participate in our conversations, interested in the classifieds section, and even people
who want to rip you off. Obviously, it is safer to purchase from someone who cares about
their reputation and has been here for years. That said, it doesn't mean that they won't
take their sweet ass time sending you the product, or that a new member will rip you off.

You, The Buyer;
• Will need to take better responsibility when choosing to trust in the seller.
• Pay by Credit Card. If you do not receive it in 29 days, get the CC company to refund you.
• Exception: Remember that international orders can take a very long time (2 months?) and
the package may be held in customs.
• Perform a google search to see if the member has interent history of transactions.
• Always get the parcel insured, and request the tracking number immediately. Get the
CC company to refund you if you do not receive it in 2 weeks (10 business days).
• Read and fully understand the classifieds ad so that you are not blaming your dyslexia on the
seller and requesting for a refund. Why should they?
• Use ebay as a transaction window. Read "Ebay" below.
• Leave feedback in the Feedback forum. Especially negative. Don't let others deal with
the same BS that you encountered.

You, The Seller;
• Send people their products in a timely manner
• Keep in contact with your customer.
• Be professional. This is a business transaction.
• Only ship the item insured and with full tracking.
• Lost/missing item? You shipped it. Send them a refund immediately, THEN make a claim.
• If you cannot ship item in a timely manner, give the buyer a refund and see if they will be
interested in completing the transaction at a later time.
• Use ebay as a transaction window. Read "Ebay" below.
• Perform a google search to see if the member has internet history of transactions.
• Leave feedback in the Feedback forum. Especially negative. Don't let others deal with
the same BS that you encountered.

We are suggesting that yo use Ebay & PayPal for your transactions with people that you/we
don't know. First, hammer out the details, then have the seller list it on ebay for the agreed
upon value. Once seller creates an ad for the correct "Buy it now" price, the buyer should
purchase it by using Ebay's PaPal® system of money transfer to complete the
business transaction. If anything goes wrong, Ebay & PaPal has a whole process that
will get you back in the black. I believe you can choose to have a Private Ad/Listing.
This way no one else will be able to view the item/s for sale. I forgot to mention that
we are aware that PayPal charges 3%. The buyer/seller can work out who pays it, A
smallish fee is much better then receiving NOTHING.

Forcing new members to have a desired
post count number before creating ads

No. There are many reasons why this is out of the question. Not everyone cares for the
style/type of forums that has created. We should not force people into participation
when they simply want to cleanup the garage. Then there are pure sales people that will
create garbage threads/responses just to reach the selected post goal. We'd rather have
fewer posts then filler/fluf. We don't want to create an atmosphere where people
have the need to express themselves (through ads), and have to wait for daddy to grant
them permission. This when you start seeing ads passive/agressvely posted in the General
Discussion forum. We will change this to a 200 post count if it continues, and start enforcing
new policies.

Group Buys
It takes a very trusted and diligent person to pull-off a successful Group Buy.
So, who do you trust to do this? We continue to allow any member to host a Group Buy, but we
suggest that you put your final order and payment in with the shop that is creating the part and
have them ship it to you! There's no need to trust someone you do not know to: properly package,
ship, insure the products, and take full responsibility when they "are lost." Besides, you shouldn't
worry about $10 -$15 added to the bill if the other choice leaves you with a 50% chance of not
receiving anything.

We take no responsibilty for any transactions. Good Luck!