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  • New S14 Motor Mounts

    Shhhh... not available yet, but call Vorshlag and ask about 'em...


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    OK, so now I have had 3 calls today from 3 different S14 owners, plus one of our dealers yesterday, looking for competition motor mounts that would be a better alternative to the $800 Groupe N mounts (that are only 20% stiffer than stock?!). We hear you E30 community - and we're all over it.

    Similar to the Competition motor mounts we already make for the E36/46 and E30-6 cylinders, and S50-E30 swap mounts under development, we're gearing up to produce both Polyurethane and Nylon versions for the S14. Should have something in a limited run within 3-4 weeks.

    We'll offer them in super-stiff Nylon for the hard-core track racers (Shoreline 70D durometer) as well as stiff Polyurethane (Shoreline 90A or 95A durometer) for S14s that see some street duty. Will have the same external dimensions, height, and locating pins as OEM mounts. If there is a provision for a heat shield on the OEM mount, we will include that (our E36 mount works with the stock heat shield). Price range will be $169-199/pair, depending on some manufacturing factors and mold costs.

    If the reaction from the E36/46 mounts are any indication, you'll like the results. Firms up the driveline mounting dramatically for more direct shifts and instant throttle response. Don't recommend them for your grandmother's E30, but for any S14 powered car that sees aggressive shifting or track use, these will work wonders.

    Looking for E30 track/street testers to help prove out the design on a small prototype run before moving into full production. More soon!
    Terry Fair -


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      If you need a tester my car is willing
      1988 /// M3


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        If you need a tester my car is willing

        Terry - I was about to purchase an OEM motor mounts. However, I am now willing to wait as long as quality is in mind

        Can't wait!
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        I'd rather be out in my M3 right about now...


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          Could be interesting to see how these perform under the power of a 2.5L turbocharged car.:hee:


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            Originally posted by Fair! View Post
            If there is a provision for a heat shield on the OEM mount, we will include that (our E36 mount works with the stock heat shield).
            The heat shield bolts to the top of the supporting bracket and the motor mount bolts below it, so you won't have to worry about that

            on a related topic, what tranny mounts would compliment the poly motor mounts?


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              Terry... I am putting in a new motor in my car in the next few weeks..
              Mark Williams
              Dallas, TX

              Nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" like a search... oh wait... looks like they are all gone! :rastajake:



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                , I was one of the three who had called. My car is also willing to test these out. One mount gave out this weekend during its 2nd run :(. I had to coast thru the rest of the runs just to stay in the game and not lose points. I really need a new set to move the car around and definitly before my next AutoX meet.



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                  BTW, James... Terry most of mentioned about the heat shield because I have issues with mounting a heat shield with the OEMs geometric shape.



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                    GREAT NEWS!!!!! You are doing a great service to our community. This has been a problem forever
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                      Vorshlag has a brand new part to announce - the Polyurethane Competition Motor Mounts for the E30 M3.

                      The polyurethane inserts have a durometer of Shoreline A 90, which is markedly less stiff than our Nylon S14 mounts ("bowling ball") but still much stiffer than OEM or Group N rubber squisho mounts. When used in conjunction with poly transmission mounts these motor mounts help to reduce drivetrain slop on both street driven M3s and dedicated track beasts. Improved shift feel and throttle response are very noticeable, and these have become very popular with the E36/46 crowd. Upgradable to Nylon-6 inserts if the car ever becomes a track-only car and you want the additional drivetrain stiffness.

                      This Poly S14 part helps complete the line-up of E30 Competition motor mounts from Vorshlag. The S14 mounts are in stock for both Nylon and Poly and ready to ship. These are designed by BMW racers, made by BMW racers, for BMW racers! 100% made in the USA.
                      Terry Fair -


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                        Cant find the trans mounts on your site?
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                          Originally posted by Lumanikus View Post
                          Cant find the trans mounts on your site?
                          We don't make transmissions mounts.... its on our list of Must Do products. There are several out there to choose from.
                          Terry Fair -


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                            What about an engine mount with Gruppe N stiffness? That would be a nice upgrade, more than that at it will be annoying for the everyday driver!


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                              Are the new mounts the same height as a OE mount under compression (as installed in a car) or an OE mount without compression (as shown in the photo)?

                              Chris L.

                              Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"