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<FS> LOTS of good M3 parts!

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  • <FS> LOTS of good M3 parts!

    Ok, I'm makng a life decision here, time to sell off most of my moutain of spare parts for the race car. I have WAY too many spares and it's got to go!!

    Here's merely a small list:

    * 2.3l GrpA head gasket, new.....$175.00
    * 2.3l GrpA head gasket, used (less than 10 miles on it, perfect!).....$125.00
    * Replica stock plenum in Carbon Fiber, never installed, weighs ~8.5lbs LESS than a stock plenum!.....$475.00
    * UUC Short shift kit with cartridge bearing upgrade, like new, used for 1 race weekend!....$165
    * stock exhaust header, great shape....$75
    * stock flywheel, great shape.....$50
    * lightened stock flywheel, weighs ~16lbs (~3.5lbs less than stock)....$100
    * extra stock DME (motronic computer)....$375
    * BMW Motorsport EVO exhaust cam gear, great shape, increased mid range torque....$90
    * driveshaft, fine shape but I'd replace the center bearing....$100
    * Turner Motorsport 2.5l DM chip, brand new, NEVER installed....$225
    * Turner Motorsport JS springs, full set, excellent shape....$275
    * BMW EVO3 AFM, used but in great shape....$200

    I have WAY more stuff including tons of engine stuff but I have to wait to take inventory before committing to selling it all. This stuff is ready to go and extra!

    EMAIL with interest, I don't check PM's much and this is first come first served! Prices are OBO but DO NOT include shipping from the Detroit, MI area (zip is 48170).


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    whats your email?
    Old School


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      Damn, sorry about that!

      email: [email protected]


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        where did you get that CF plenum? is that the same one tha gustave has?

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          I bought the plenum from John in Germany, he posts on these boards I believe. It's the same style as Gustave's but it's not from the same manufacturer....well, I can't say that for sure, but I doubt it is. Same style though, replica of the stock unit only 8.5lbs lighter!


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            do you have ST sway bars for sale?
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              Do you have the strut housing available for sale? Please email me at: [email protected]

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                The car that I'm parting out is being torn down today so pretty much anything that it has will be available immediately.

                The entire suspension and brake system from it is already sold however, so no, I don't have any strut housings available. And I already sold my extra set from the race car. Sorry.


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                  I wondering if you still had the driveshaft. Please let me know what is still avaliabe and what you would want for all of it. Thanks


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                    very interested in the planum.
                    could you please send some pics to [email protected]



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                      Is it just me, or are these posts from 2003?

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                        Hey, email addy isn't working!


                        I'm interested in the Evo AFM! What do I need to make this work with my now stock 2.3 s14? Also, do you have photos?

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                          Holy crap, I remember buying something from this post almost 4 years ago.

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                            Originally posted by Low Level View Post
                            Is it just me, or are these posts from 2003?
                            apparently people havent realized that :huh:


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                              Originally posted by monzon View Post
                              Holy crap, I remember buying something from this post almost 4 years ago.
                              :ha: hehe.. me too. I ended up with the CF replica plenum, I think it was from this ad.:rolleyes: