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Maybe for sale , 91 M3

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  • Maybe for sale , 91 M3

    Well im more looking to trade , for a E36 M3, im looking for a 95 car with blk intirior , out side color dont matter , and must have under 80k . if you know of anyone looking for a trade like that , you can email me at [email protected] for more info on my E30.

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    here is alittle about the car .


    Custom Front Bumper
    Evo 3 Brake Ducts
    Evo 3 Grills
    Clear Front Signals
    Custom Red Taillights
    E46 Boot M Bage
    Euro Tohich Covers


    Custom tinted 2002 Ferrari Red


    Momo Jet 320mm Wheel
    Momo anotomico short shift knob
    Red Schroth 4 point rally harnessbelts


    ATS Type 10
    Size: 17x8 front / 17x8 back


    Nitto 555
    Size: 225/40 17's front / 225/40 17's back


    H&R race springs / Modded
    Bilstein sport shocks ( revalved / shortend )
    Motorsport camber strut mounts ( offset )
    Motorsport offset controlarm bushings
    E46 cab rear shock mounts
    RD Sport rear tower brace


    Jethot suramic coated stock header
    Supersprint stainless racing connecting pipes
    Borla stainless muffler


    Splitsecond MAF convertion , laptop managment
    Stage 2 chip
    Evo 3 lower air box
    Port & polished head
    8k rpm valve springs
    Wasted valves
    Custom exust header stud bolts ( sleaved / made of headbolts )
    E36 euro timing chane tentioner
    Oil pan baffle
    Debured runners
    Custom gides
    Evo 3 ignition wires
    K&N drop in
    Custom air inlet pipeing to air box


    635CSI trans mounts
    short shift
    Motorsport motor mounts


    Alpine CDA-7864
    Memphis Studio Components ( front / back )
    Memphis 16-ST2004 Amp
    12 inch Kicker S12D Solobaric sub
    Kenwood KAC-6085 amp

    P.S . more things done , to much to list , and all stock things go with car , to bring it back to almost oem spec if you like .
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      you really want change your famous e30 M3 against a "non M3" ??
      The e30 M3 is the common classic car from BMW....a 36 M3 never can get such a image......
      Here in Germany nobody would do that.
      I knew a few guys who have sold their e36 and bought a e30 M3
      Also really good e30 M3s are expensiver as the first(93-95) e36 M3s
      I never would give my M3 for another car......perhaps the CSL e46M3



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        the reason is cuz i can not aford the car right now and i traval alot every weekend and i cant see the car go to waste like that cuz i can not take care of it like i use to so insded of harming the car i rather see it in better hands


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          keep the M in a garage for some years and buy another "cheap" car for daily drive.
          I also have another "non BMW" for every day
          The M comes out in sunny days....
          These M3s are in a few years alot of money worth.....
          Here in Germany the prices for the e30 M3s goes up since 3 years.
          For example in 2001 i bought a 87 model for around 4000 Euro-the same car with 20000km more on the speedo is sold a few days ago for 8500 Euro



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            I have a 92 325is with a 3.0L non vanos engine I would work out a trade for. The engine is stroked using M3 crank, M3 rods, and JE 10.8:1 86mm pistons. Its got a lot of work done to it, but requires nothing to drive around other than basic oil, brakes, etc... email me at [email protected] if your interested. There is a lot done to it other than that...