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  • FS: Lachsilber hood

    Flawless Lachsilber hood...paint is only a few years old but has seen minimal time on the road. Painted and cleared on both sides....the hood has no imperfections. The only reason that I am selling is because I have a new painted CF hood with integrated vent and I have NOWHERE to put my old hood. I'd love to hold onto it but....I am just too pinched for space. So....I am asking for $350 and it has to be a local pickup as I will not even entertain the prospect of shipping this thing. Please PM me if interested.

    I am located SMACK in the middle of Connecticut.:cool:

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    Price dropped to $300. I need to get rid of this hood. I do not have a good place to store it as my workshop is full. Must be a pick up.


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      John, post some pics of the new CF hood with vent.


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        I have no space for this. $250 takes it. I will re-iterate....this is ready for any color....scuff, shoot and done. it needs no work....a perfect hood.


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          PM Sent


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   winter approaches, space gets even tighter as I have a lawn tractor to store and the kids outside toys. The hood hasn't moved and it's still available. The hood is perfect...not a single defect and pristine paint/clear.

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              Should have followed up on this...great deal to whoever got.


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                Mfanatic (George) and a few of his friends came from NY to get it yesterday. I'd say that they were happy with the description of the hood and for $200....hey it's a good deal!