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New Group Buy Recaro Sr M3 Evo Sportevo Cecotto Seats

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    Hi, I'm interested in pics of center console and dash as well.

    ///M3 Cecotto

    Addicted to M


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      Is the price for the door cards are the complete parts or just the leather parts need to "Do it yourself parts" ?


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        I purchased a set of Recaro SRD do you make covers for them?


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          here are some more pics of parts we can do.

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          Steven Chang

          as you can see on the pics you will get the complete doors covered.
          the handles and the map boxes are going to be covered as well.

          if you want we can make the m stiching on these parts (as you can see on the pics)


          we can make the covers for you and sent them to you.
          this will cost 1500$ shipped.
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            I'm quite decided to get a full set...

            Just one or two more precisions:

            - What about the payment how to procede ?
            - When do we have to pay ? (I'm not asking you that question because i don't have money, it's not the case. It's just that next week i'm going on vacation and i don't know yet how much i will sepend ! I don't want to m ake the order and at the moment of payment not having the monney, is my question clear ?



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              just sent you a pm

              all the orderes will be custom made for you.
              so it will take us about 2 weeks to fish a complete set.
              shipping to usa will take 12-14 days.

              you can paypal or wire the money on my bank account.
              as the parts are custom made you can paypal a deposit and after
              sending the pics of the finished set you can pay the rest.


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                All right,

                Thanks for the fast answer !

                One little more question, when you say center consol, you mean the two part for the price, or only the small part where is the hand break ?



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                  the front part will cost another 200$.


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                    Thanks you have a PM !

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                    And one set for me !

                    PS: Thnaks for your patience, and for answering all those questions that i made !
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                      hello to all out there.

                      there are only 3 sets left.
                      so hurry up to get one.

                      thanx m3_forever


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                        here some more pics.
                        these are recaro Sportster CS.
                        The design is from BMW Performance.

                        These beauties belong to atan888.
                        they come into his m3 e30.

                        the doors will be in the same style.


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                          I'm confused... I just ordered these same front seats from the dealer. Did you re-do them or you are just matching the door cards and the rear seat to the BMW performance seats?


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                            well we bought these seats from recaro and made them in the style of bmw.
                            the rear seat is matching the front seats and the door cards will match, too.

                            as recaro specialist we can make all seats in perfect quality as you can see...:-)


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                              i already hav e a set of the seats and they are top quality. Asolutely love the door cards but need wheels first. Once thats out of the way ill be in touch! How much would the door cards be shipped to the UK? Are theses front and rear? email pics please to [email protected] :-)
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                                hello warren,

                                we made the rear seat in the same style like front.
                                the door cards are not ready yet.
                                as soon as they are ready i will sent you pics.