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Aluminum pedals.

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  • Aluminum pedals.

    I found these pedals and just wanted to let people know. Also does anyone know what the size is for the foot rest. This is the email they sent me.

    We do make pedals for the E30. The basic set, gas, brake and clutch, are the same as the e36. I just updated the website to reflect this. We do not currently have the footrest to fit though, so it is only a 3pc. set. If you want to help with the sizing for the footrest, that would be great. If you order the 3pc. set and help with the footrest sizing, you can have the footrest no charge.

    I have activated a discount coupon for 20% off. If you know anyone else that might be looking for e30 pedals (or anything on our website) please let them know. The coupon code to use while checking out is: e30

    Let me know about the footrest.

    Here is the web site

    I wasn't sure if people knew about these but the 20% discount seems like a good deal to me.

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    The E46 deadpedal should work fine. Here are pics of mine from Ultimate Pedals
    with the E46 measurements for the deadpedal.