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2.5 engine parts sale

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  • 2.5 engine parts sale

    have decided to not repair my blown 2.5 engine and strip it for parts
    Engine is partly dismantled and I am going to pull the rest apart in the following 2 weeks. Haven't thought about all the prices yet, but I am open to offers.
    I will update the list with prices as soon as I have parts cleaned and thoroughly inspected. Some parts are already sold (i.e. crank)
    I will also post pictures of any damage I can find

    I'd rather sell this parts here but may be forced to do the dreaded e-bay thing....

    -EVO 3 block in need of a rebore (Cyl 2 has some minor marks ar TDC) with E36 squirters

    -215 bhp Cylinder head with minor damage to Cylinder No2 cumbustion chamber

    -complete timing chain assembly (25k miles old)
    Chain, ALL sprockets, ALL giude rails. Cam gears slotted

    -EVO3 oil pump (25k miles, bought new)

    -EVO3 valve springs (may leave them with the head if $$ is right)

    -KK 290/290 cams

    -cam box (upper part of cylinder head)

    -rocker cover

    -lightened stock flywheel

    -48mm throttles with plenum and trumpets

    -330cc VOLVO injectors (cleaned and balanced, measure 308cc at 3bar)

    -2x stock ECU (one very good, other re-soldered)

    -1x engine wiring harness 195bhp
    -1x engine wiring harness 215bhp (they are different whatch out)

    -alternator with new poly bushes

    -50mm header

    -Sachs clutch kit (almost brand new, just 15 laps on the Ring)

    -Starter Motor x2

    --any other part I forgot to list, please ask.

    this is a sad day for me.

    PS all parts are in the UK, so don't know if this is still a good deal for some of you when shipping is added
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    Goodbye M3, you served me well.

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    parts uwe what engine parts do you have also looking for diff's 3.9 and higher
    Des 07801 186888

    [email protected]


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      how much for the cams and the cam box?


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        PM sent
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          Price on block as I might be needing one depending on the results I get tomarrow.


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            PM sent
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              Gentlemen thanks for your interesst. Please allow me to dismantle everything and give it a good clean and inspection before posting a price. I will mail/post pictures as soon I get round, but work is keeping me busy right now. Please bear with me.

              Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                Sorry to hear that. I'll be interested in an ecu and the 195hp engine wiring harness. Thanks.


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                  Interested in the 48mm throttles


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                    Interested on the Sachs clutch kit, was it mounted on a dogleg gear box or and us one ?

                    Do you have any pics ?


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                      Am interested in upper and lower timing chain tensioning rails. Are they perfect?


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                        interested in prices...please. =]

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                          Head and block price?


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                            I am afraid but I have bad news for anybody who has shown interesst in the parts for sale.

                            I have a local buyer who has made a decent offer for the whole lot and I have accepted his offer. Sorry to disappoint the people who have put offers down but selling the whole lot in one payment is helping me much more finacially than a lot of smaller payments over a longer period of time. Hope you understand.

                            Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                              Whats your plan? engine swap or another s14? just curious...