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S14 Plug and Play megasquirt setups finally available!

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  • S14 Plug and Play megasquirt setups finally available!

    After a year of development I’m now ready to offer the S14 plug and play ecu setup to everyone, what you get is a megasquirt ecu mounted and wired up inside a stock ecu case utilizing the factory engine wiring harness and plugs. This unit is as plug and play as possible and is loaded with an s14 base line file which should get your engine started(tuning to match your engine is required). For those that don’t know what megasquirt is, it’s a DIY friendly programmable ecu that completely replaces your stock ecu and allows you full control over your spark and fuel tables VIA an Alpha-N tuning algorithm. You can completely eliminate your factory AFM, and gain some ponies, throttle response, and overall performance from your stock or modified s14. This is perfect if your running a carbon fiber air box or have built a 2.5 stroker motor. Your engine will still look completely factory and the installation is easily reversible if you ever wanted to return back to a stock ecu.

    The typical installation requires the following wiring/modifications
    • Mounting the trigger wheel to the stock crank pulley
    • Mounting the VR sensor and bracket to the engine block
    • Bolting on the variable TPS
    • Wiring variable TPS into the stock TPS plug(directions included, only 3 wires to be wired)
    • Wiring VR sensor into the stock Engine speed sensor plug
    • Wiring air temp sensor into stock AFM plug and mounting sensor in the air inlet stream
    • Wiring up wideband o2 sensor into the stock o2 sensor plug

    Required extra components to run this ecu
    • Crank pulley mounted Trigger wheel-recommend the 36-1 custom wheel from Lee Vuong
    • VR sensor and bracket-recommend the ford sensor
    • Variable TPS-Recommend the S54 TPS and adapter from Lee Vuong
    • Air temp sensor-recommend the GM open element sensor
    • Wideband o2 sensor and controller-recommend the Innovate lc-1(not needed if having the car dyno tuned, but necessary if tuning yourself)

    Pictures using the eta ecu case

    Pictures using the stock s14 ecu case

    As a special introduction pricing I’m offering these ecu’s for $600(base unit with ms1 processor) a $45 ecu core charge is also required unless you send your old ecu upfront, if paying a core charge you will be supplied with an eta ecu case, which mounts and functions in all the same ways, just is cheaper to get ahold of. Each ecu is built to order so there is usually a 2-3 week turn around time depending on the # of current orders

    Add on options
    • PWM idle control to control your factory idle control valve-$40
    • Electronic fan control to control an electronic fan to kick on and off at set temperature inputs-$10
    • Distributor less ignition running a waste spark configuration-$40 The only additional hardware needed are the coils and plug wires
    • MS2 Processor upgrade-$90 Features include faster processing time and larger tables
    85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker

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    There's way too much cool stuff I need to buy. I just hope by the time I have the money these are still available.


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      Don't worry I'll be offering these for a long time, I've been doing e30 325i setups for the last 2 or 3 years
      85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker


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        ooh, gotta save some cashola.

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          This is a great thing you've done here! Kudos! I will be in contact!!!!


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            Great product, well done!
            On the MS2, are there any pins left over that one can use by modifying the SW? Is it possible to run sequential ignition and/or injection if adding a cam sensor?


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              Eli - Great Stuff. I just want to say that I'm one of the people that purchased the prototype from Eli. Works great on my car. Eli has provided good support/help for me and has built a good product that is as close as possible to being a plug and play.

              Also to the question above, I don't believe megasquirt supports sequential fuel injection, not 100% sure though.
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                Although the arse has fallen out of our Peso... this may be too tempting.
                Can the E34 M5 TPS be used with this setup instead of an "adapted" E46 unit?

                PS.... GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!

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                ... I like the way you move......"


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                  You can use any 0-5volt variable tps you want, as long as it spins the right direction and you can make it bolt up. The last time I heard the ms2 firmware wasn't capable of running full sequential yet, but there shouldn't be any reason in the future why you couldn't upgrade once that capability exists. I know some extra circuits etc. would be needed.
                  85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker


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                    TOO COOL!

                    Just curious could you do a PNP until for a 535is? I have a spare ECU you could have to work with.... Probably close to the same as the 325 set up..
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                      Thanks for doing this; im a future customer no doubt.
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                        Originally posted by GGray View Post
                        TOO COOL!

                        Just curious could you do a PNP until for a 535is? I have a spare ECU you could have to work with.... Probably close to the same as the 325 set up..
                        What year? 88 up the 325i unit is the same, pre 87 is different and I haven't done any of those yet.(but more then likely can)

                        I've also had a few questions
                        The PWM idle control uses the Glens Garage Board
                        And with the distributor less ignition setup, this does not use any EDIS module, and is adding additional coil drivers to directly drive the ignition coils. You can either 4 individual coils like a coil on plug conversion like some have done, but you'll have to fire 2 coils at a time, or you can use GM HEI coils that fire 2 cylinders from a single coil. I just need to know what coils you are using 2 or 4 coils. Also the E30 m42 coil pack setup would be another good choice.
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                        85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker


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                          Just want to say thanks for thinking of the E30 M3 guys. You are making the jump to non-Maxx stand-alone EMS much easier! & also very affordable compared to other solutions.

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                            What is the hp and torque gains over a chip?



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                              No one can say it will net you x-hp and x-torque as you can program it to do what ever you want, if tuned wrong you could even loose hp.
                              85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker