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Dinan Gen 4 chip

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  • Dinan Gen 4 chip

    Dinan chip for sale, $100 or offer it sells for $200 new. Here's the link to it on the Dinan web site.

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    Good luck trying to sell that Cone. I have one too that I tried to sell on and off at different times for the last year and a half and no one even made an offer. I just put it back in the car and live with it, it's not bad. I haven't come across anyone with a conforti chip yet that can out run me, so I figure stick with what works



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      Whats so bad about a Dinan chip? I have one and I like it. I drove an e30 m3 with an Autoworks chip I think it was, All in all I didnt notice any difference.


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        What are your opinions for the Conforti chip,E-30 M3. I have one on an E46 and works preatty good not the best but good. Anyone have other suggestions.


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          I heard that the Jim C chip is pretty good. I drove my friends car with the Jim C chip though, and it really didn't seem a whole lot faster at all compared to mine w/the Dinan chip. I'm runnin stock chip right now.