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SR20DET swap parts - "Kit"

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  • SR20DET swap parts - "Kit"

    This may not be the most popular thing, but......

    Well, these are the custom parts made to make an SR20DET work in an E30 / E30 M3 chasis.
    This is all done to not have to relocate the brake booster OR the ABS module.
    THIS IS COMPLETE!!!! All you need is a motor and a chasis.
    -Custom motor mounts with delrin bushings and tranny mount. This is the entire front subframe!
    -Custom 1 piece balanced drive shaft
    -T2 sidemount log manifold
    -S13 red top wiring harness made for the E30 M3 (ONLY THING NOT PICTURED, I can take some if you would like)
    -Custom Dump tube flange
    -Custom intake flange (all flanges have been custom clocked/cut/welded to make them fit)
    -Radiator Mounts
    -Lowkar throttle cable
    -Hot side intercooler piping (Cold side has been sold, but it is easy to have made. I can help you with this.)
    -All rubber boot reducers/elbows (3" to 2.5" etc)
    -Ground strap
    -Stainless steel clutch line
    -Fuel hoses/New Z32 fuel filter
    -Radiator hoses
    I would like to sell ALL of the above to one person.
    Price is $1550 (Includes crinkle coating of the manifold in black color)
    A few pictures:

    This shows why it needs to be coated

    Ask questions

    Turbo manifold will come wrapped in header wrap!

    Everything is now off of the car.

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    and why are you selling it? it didnt worked?


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      Originally posted by Eric012 View Post
      and why are you selling it? it didnt worked?
      No it did. I am selling it as a "project" car is not what I want anymore.

      I need something reliable.


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        He needs something reliable.....BUMP damnit
        If looks could kill...
        ///freshM3 piff :rastajake: