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<FS> any interest in used Hoosier R6s?

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  • <FS> any interest in used Hoosier R6s?

    I'm going to have 12 used R6s coming up here soon and I usually just pay to have them disposed of. Would someone be interested in buying them for cheap? Maybe $200 a set, shipped (in the US). I don't expect to make bank, but I need to at least cover the time and effort it would take to run around and get them shipped out.
    They are used up for racing, but would be OK for testing and DEs and for general mischief. Typical Hoosier, lots of rubber left, just too many heat cycles to be in tip top condition. Please don't ask how many HC they have, I have no idea. At least one weekend, more likely two (practice/qual/race).
    They are all 245/40 R 17

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    what a deal!


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      I'd be willing to meet you. Without having completed a search do you think they'd fit without extensive race/wheelwell modifications?

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        How much a set shipped to Greece? In two packages with USPS Priority?
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          Well, they will fit, but not w/o some aggressive fender "massaging", especially in the rear, depending on how low you are.


          Nothing personal, but I'd rather not deal with international shipping for this deal. I mean, I'm looking for as simple transaction as possible. I'm not trying to make any money, just trying to get the tires into the hands of someone who might want them with as little effort for me as possible.

          NASA GTS5 #945
          NASA GTS5 Midwest Regional Champion ('09,'11,'12 & '14)


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            Pm sent
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              ok gang,
              I got 8 tires dismounted last week and are sitting in my garage.
              I'm looking to let them go for $50 a set plus actual shipping to your location.
              I intend to use UPS ground and I would like to stick to domestic US destinations. I'd like to keep the process as painless as possible.

              Now, I'd just like to reiterate my disclaimer, these are USED tires. I am not making any claim to their performance. I am offering them only because someone might value them more than I do. I would not recommend that they be used where ultimate performance is required. I also don't want to get berated for selling crap, I mean I'm telling you up front that they are USED race tires. Please keep your expectations in check.

              The first to get a payment to me gets the "best" of the lot, which means I'll hand pick the ones that appear to have the most rubber on them.

              Paypal is preferred.


              NASA GTS5 #945
              NASA GTS5 Midwest Regional Champion ('09,'11,'12 & '14)


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                Pm sent. Thank you, Chad


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                  NASA GTS5 #945
                  NASA GTS5 Midwest Regional Champion ('09,'11,'12 & '14)