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<FS> Assorted Valves

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  • <FS> Assorted Valves

    This lot is for a bunch of assorted valves

    37mm intake

    33 mm exhaust

    32mm exhaust

    I can sell them in one big pile, or one at a time, its up to you.
    Lets say $20 each if you only need one. if you want all of them, I'll make you a screaming deal for the whole lot.
    Now, that being said, they are being represented and sold as used valves. I am presenting them as in good condition, but I can't/won't guarantee that, so please have your machine shop check them out first. I will also give them another once over prior to sending them to you and if I see a glaring issue, I'll contact you to refund your dough. I'm not trying to peddle snake oil here, just trying to clear out the garage.

    Also, a complete set of used OEM springs.
    $75 shipped?


    [email protected]

    NASA GTS5 #945
    NASA GTS5 Midwest Regional Champion ('09,'11,'12 & '14)