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F/S Sparco Steering Wheel, Tickle Me Elmo Edition

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  • F/S Sparco Steering Wheel, Tickle Me Elmo Edition


    I've given up the road course thing, and decided to drag race. Thus, I will not be needing my steering wheel anymore as I will not be turning. It is a rare "Tickle Me Elmo" edition Sparco, with two electrical buttons on it. Buttons can be used to activate your NOS (two bottles!)or I-Drive, I dunno.

    Wheel has some wear at the 10:30 o'clock position, as I used to stroke it gently while sucking my thumb every night. It helped me fall asleep, better than the Ambien CR I'm currently on. I'm sure it could be repaired with a little 3M adhesive, magic pixie dust, or perhaps the Underpants Gnomes could recover it wiht a Sham Wow! for you while you sleep, I dunno.

    Asking $100 shipped. I dunno.

    Thanks for looking. I dunno.

    What??? an E30 M3 for sale??? I'll be right there!!!

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    Begin with telling us what you do know
    1985 E28 M528i
    1986 E30 M3


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      Bump for funniest FS ad this week.


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        I just brought home a new puppy... this could be her chew toy! It is tempting... Great ad, good luck with the sale!