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FS: E30 Factory Glass Moonroof

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  • FS: E30 Factory Glass Moonroof


    Just referred here by someone on BFC... I drive a poor man's M3 (318is) :peekaboo:

    Just pulled this factory moonroof out of my parts car (91 325i). Looking for $460 local pickup or $560 shipped in the continental US. If there's interest I can bring it to SoCalEuro tomorrow (San Diego, CA).

    Details: mechanically, condition is 9/10... before I removed everything it worked great except the sunshade. It slid by hand, but it would catch when opening via power due to the loose headliner (as seen in the pics). ALL hardware (motor, cables, sliders, even nuts & bolts, switch and OBC/overhead piece) is included.

    Cosmetically its a 6/10. As you can see, the black trim is chipping and the shade has seen better days. But everything is complete, so you can use the existing headliner for a template, for instance, if you want to fab a new one.

    Thanks for looking! if you have questions e-mail me kyle at kylejochai dot com.


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    If you decide to sell the sunshade separate PM me how much you want for it.


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      Will do.

      Also, I just weighed the glass panel... it's 16lbs, 18 with sun shade, just in case anyone was wondering. No idea if this is heavier or lighter than the metal sunroof (my guess is heavier).