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  • Alpha N GB ... 6 days left

    here is the thread...

    18 cm runner airboxes type II (DTM 91 style replica).
    With or without indentation for brake fluid resevoir (no resevoir
    relocation required). 18 cm runner type I and 15 cm runner airbox versions
    available upon request. Flange sizes are for : 46, 48 or 50 mm throttles

    The stock CF replica plenum still available, pics below.

    CF airbox type II with 18 cm runners (with or without identation): $1250
    CF snorkel kit: $192
    Maxx Alpha N kit: $850.
    shipping not included.

    Maxx Alpha N kits are complete with everything needed for install and get
    the motor running, including base maps, wiring harness, sensors,
    and tuning software. See picture of a full Alpha N kit+CF airbox below.

    For further information or if you have any questions about other Motorsport parts, contact me
    at address given below.

    email: [email protected] or [email protected]
    e36 M3 airbox&throttles:

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    Does anyone (with experience with Alpha-N) can explain in detail which are the steps to install this upgrade, including things to replace/change or modify. Which accesories are a must to install it. The most important is to know if it is suitable for a daily used car.

    Corrajem3 with MAF


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      Look at some earlier posts using the search function. There are lots of threads on this topic. You can also go to and download the entire instructions for the install on pdf. Yes its streetable, yes its easy to install, and yes it makes a big difference in how the engine performes. I know because I have one myself, and no I dont have anything to do with the company. I'm just a happy and satisfied customer.


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        I'm anxiously awaiting my MAXX. Now I know the base program runs "rich", but how rich is rich? currently I have a screwy AFM that was NEVER right, and I've always run really rich, took a peak down my spark plug hole, and I can see carbon building up, the spark plugs are really sooty as well. Is the MAXX basemap worse or equal to this general condition? I remember someone saying they ran it on the base map for a few months before getting it properly tuned, I plan to do the same before I get it on the dyno, I have to do the EVO 3 valve springs for peace of mind first before I turn it loose on the dyno for some redline runs.

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          I dont think it will be that rich, but you shouldnt run
          around 2 months without tuning. that can work with lambda
          control as long as you stay in the part throttle area.
          without tuning the full throttle is not right. you can use
          the stock O2 to get you close but not perfect in closed
          loop. With a wideband O2 unit you could also tune the full
          throttle fueling on the street.



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            thats like a group buy on a Yacht
            great prices
            makes me wish I had an M3
            1995 //S6


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              Yes but you should have seen what it used to cost without a
              group buy or what the stuff from BMW motorsport racing cost.

              I saw you asked in the maf thread if it would work on your m20,
              the Maxx AN will work on other motronic engines,
              like the M20, M30, S50B30, etc.



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                john, check your PMs
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                  Alpha N Kit group buy

                  How much is the total cost for the whole kit that I need to do away with the AFM? How much horsepower would I gain? I want to know also how much and how do we buy this upgrade?

                  The VIN Number of my car is WBSAK0309J2198036



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                    The info you requested is all posted at the beginning
                    of this thread, with exception of shipping which is
                    dependent upon where you live.

                    The GB is closed now.

                    My email is listed at the top of this thread if you
                    want to contact me privately regarding your questions.



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                      Hi John, did the group buy stuff ship out yet? still waiting for mine. thanks!