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WTB: Stock center section with blown cats

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  • WTB: Stock center section with blown cats

    Come on guys, I know some of you have either upgraded center sections or have center sections lying around with blown cats.

    They just changed the law here in colorado, emissions is no longer mandatory in my county, and I want to find a center section with a couple of bad catalytic converters, cut them out, and put straight pipes in their place. Hook it up to my Borla and gain that extra 10hp that all those euro cars had.

    So I want one cheap, I reiterate, cheap. I'll pay no more than $100 and I'll pay shipping to get it out of your garage or basement floor.

    Help a poor guy out that doesn't need to pass emissions.

    I'd do it to my current center section, but in the event I move away from here in the next few years, it would end up costing me a lot of money for my experiment. Let me know what you got


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    If i dont do that to my old cat....its yours


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      i have one,
      and you have mail.