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BMW E30 M3 Factory Motorsport Racing suspension - $4623

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  • BMW E30 M3 Factory Motorsport Racing suspension - $4623

    Not mine, but found this on Phoenix CL:

    FAHRWERK Susp. system M3 Gr.N std 9100000424

    What exactly is this suspension?

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    do a search for "Group N, 200/200" or "Group N, 300/300". Those numbers are the damper rates (in N @ app. 1"/s) bump/rebound front and rear. std means standard i.e. standard struts, no threads on the front struts for corner weighting.
    BTW google is your friend: this is the BMW Motorsport Parts Catalogue, 9100000424 is the PN
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      Wow... pretty spendy for such an outdated suspension design. I'd think one would be far better off with something like a JRZ double adjustable remote reservoir setup, heck even the non-remote dbl adj JRZ setup is a huge improvement for about 2/3 the price!
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