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  • C-list S14 engine Framingham Ma

    BMW S14 engine from a 1987- 1991 M3. The engine had 100,000 miles on it prior to a rebuild. It has 5,000 miles on it since the rebuild (head/bottom end)
    Dynacasport intake camshaft. Intake cam swapped to exhaust cam side. Turner adjustable cam sprockets, Turner performance chip. What is included: from the radiator to the transmission minus the clutch/fltwheel. the engine can be dropped in and drive. it is perfect for 2002 swaps. The one thing wrong with it is the oil cooler leakks, which is either the inlet hose or the threads on the cooler.

    Contact Phil Sr. at 508 655-9646 or 508 653-0262

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    I think that's Phil Sansossio. Well known BMWCCA racer. He had an S14 for sale. Not sure...but if it is him.....he is a reliable source.
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      Figured it was one of the members of Boston chapter. Hard to keep up with who has one these days.

      I have a harness for an 02 that is set up for a M2 swap. If some one needs one.
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        "intake cam swapped to exhaust side"

        why? intake and exhaust cams on us spec s14's are the same, yes?
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          ^ Yes.



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            Not familiar with that Cam mfgr though...????
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              Project M2

              Originally posted by M-technik-3 View Post
              I have a harness for an 02 that is set up for a M2 swap. If some one needs one.
              I have a project for my '73 O'Two with S14. Since I am not familiar with what I would need, can you please educate me how this harness would be needed? Thank you.


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                I know that motor.
                It has a fixed EVO exhaust cam gear and the cam is a Dynospot Racing Evo 2 intake cam and a J-Stock chip.

                maintenance on that engine was done by VSR1 and is all documented.

                Yes it's PhilSans.
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