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    Originally posted by Whee30M3 View Post
    I'm in exactly the same situation - I paid for one of these in May, and have not received anything. I got one email from George acknowledging payment back in June, and another in July saying that he'd been delayed a few weeks because of problems sourcing parts, but that the problems had been resolved. Since then, I've sent a few emails asking for status, but haven't received a single response. I, too, would really like a status update on this project.

    Same r3vboard we were discussing for George status but seems none knows about him lately other than he posted on his twitter account or FB few weeks ago, but never replied their threads nor PM's or emails.

    I'm starting to think I just lost bit more than 100 bucks...
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      Well that sucks. I don't know whether I'm glad I'm not the only one or sad that several of us have paid and not received anything. First time I've had an issue buying something from a member here.



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        Has there been any updates on these? Did anyone get theirs? Id really like to get one if everything ended up ok.