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  • New Kopi Production / Order Question

    I posted this over



    My fellow E30 owners,

    As most of you know, I had two different kopi design posts. One for a BBS design and one for a mix of designs.

    Heres the deal. Most (if not all) owners wanted the BBS LM design. The E36/E46 crowd would be interested as well.

    If I can get at least 30 people (E30/E34/E36/E46) who can put between $400-$500 (estimate) down and then the remaining balance after we receive the wheels, I will be able to produce a BBS LM Kopi wheel. We haven't decided on a price yet but it will be about $10-$20 more than the Alpina Kopi.

    It won't be a three piece wheel but it will have the same design. Also I could have them with a lip and also in 16",17",18", and maybe even 19". For the E30 models, the offset will be somewhere around 20mm-25mm. A lot of people wanted a little higher offset, so we might go with the 25mm.

    Let me know who would be 100% in. I can not have any fall outs.

    Offsets and bolt patterns for the E30 M3, will not be a problem either.
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    Ummm, the LMs are two piece rims but you stated that the KOPI LM will not be three piece, so is your design two piece, or a one piece to look like two pieces? and do you have any idea on the weight of the rims.

    Sounds like a great product if it can meet the fit and finish of the real LMs. But I would only buy the real LM's for the forged construction, superior strength, lightweight, and exclusivity. I guess it was only a matter of time before LM's get played out by replicas.. and lose their exclusive quality. :sosad:

    Either way, sounds like a great business opportunity for you. I commend you for leading such a project and good luck.

    Actually, i'm not sure about the LMs, but I may be interested in the RS down the line. I just got a set of rims and there are too many other things for me to buy :grr:
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