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carbon fiber evo 3 splitters

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  • carbon fiber evo 3 splitters

    Would anyone want to buy one? I am ordering one from germany but is not very cost effective to ship only one. So I am if looking for someone who wants one too, so that we can split the shipping costs. This carbon fiber version is a lot stronger than the stock piece and looks cool too.

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    Do you have any pics or prices?


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      When will you be ordering? Are you ordering from Markus? I think he told me about 65$ or something, what ever the exchange rates come out to.

      I may be interested.


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        c/f splitters

        Yes, this splitter is through Markus. The splitter can be seen on the I was quoted a price for 200 euros (I think that's around $210. The shipping depends on how many people we can get to order one.


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          you know gustave sells them through

          might be more economical


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            My source was his source, but he no longer caries them.


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              I am interested for sure - when will you be doing this?

              If you are ordering these from - what is a Heckablage? AltaVista translates it to "tail file" and the site says it is a reproduction of the original to save weight. Could it be the package shelf? I have no idea what it is, but it looks cool, and is relatively inexpensive.


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                evo 3 splitter

                anyone who is interested contact me privately. I hope to get things moving within the week. By the way the heckblage is the shelf in the rear of the car where the stock speakers go.