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  • Mortimer 5 star seller!

    I needed an oem side skirt for my car and found he had a spare. He went WAY out of his way to not only document and send photo's of the item verifying that it and he were both real but also OEM. (I assume he is OEM too )

    Anyway due to the fact that he is located in Finland and I in the South in the US we had a bit of a logistical/payment problem. Paypal shit the bed and wouldn't allow us to have a simple transaction even after he went through several steps to try and resolve the issue with paypal. Most people would have given up and moved on to another buyer but Harri (Mortimer) agreed to a deal is a deal no matter what. Very hard to find people like this anymore.

    After a LOT of rigamarole on my end (Not his fault) I was finally able to conduct the payment transaction successfully and He agreed to wait almost 2 weeks for payment to arrive.
    He also did a lot of paperwork and got shipping quotes etc before I had made the transaction so there were no surprises.
    The wrapping of the side skirt was better than any wrap job I have ever encountered and I used to work delivery. It made it from Finland through Denmark>Germany>France>several US states and my doorstep with 0 issues.

    Huge tip of the hat for his patience - sticking to a deal and going WAY beyond what most people would expect from a seller.

    Do recommend. 5 Stars.