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FS: Original E30 M3 Spare Wheels and Tires

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  • FS: Original E30 M3 Spare Wheels and Tires

    These are 3 original E30 M3 spare wheels and original tires (Uniroyal rallye 340/55) size 205/55/15, the conditions vary between never driven on to slightly used. The rims themselves don't have any wear from the road.
    The valve stem location clockwise indicates the wheel # corresponding to the pictures below.

    I'm looking for $200 each plus actual shipping from Temecula, CA, but prefer local pickup. I'm willing to meet Orange County buyers half-way.
    Thanks for looking Pat.

    Wheel #1 Top: This tread barely has the new tire whiskers worn off and has the 2nd best tread in the group.

    Wheel #1 Side

    Wheel #2 Top: This tread has the most wear out of the three as all the new tire whiskers are worn off.

    Wheel #2 Side

    Wheel #3 Top: This wheel has some discoloration on the clear coat from the rubber stem, but still has all the whiskers and is like new condition.

    Wheel #3 Side
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    Wheel #3 is sold.