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WTB: E28 M5 or EVO II or III wheels

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  • WTB: E28 M5 or EVO II or III wheels

    Returning my car to stock appearance and need a set of period correct 16 inch basket weaves, you can contact me at

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    I have a set of EVO 16" wheels. Just refinished as well. On the fence about selling and they wont come cheap.

    Ypu can import a used not refinished set for $1800 ish.

    My price would be around there + center caps.

    You can slso buy a set of new Sport Evo wheels for around $1800. I bought my set of sport Evo wheels from ECS tuning
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      thanks, you are right, the E28 M5 wheels are still available $302 each


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        EVO 16" wheels and E28 M5 wheels are not the same.
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          Yes I am well aware but the only difference is offset and the E28 M5 wheel is $250 cheaper new from the dealer


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            I've been contemplating parting with my set. They are Sport EVO wheels and come with the proper 225/45/16 Dunlop ZII's. Both wheels and tires are 7 months old with 8 auto crosses and 4,000 street miles on them.

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