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    APEX 17" ARC-8 Lightweight Wheel - Group Buy Feeler Thread


    Based on requests from the community, we’re looking to bring back one of our E30 M3 wheel sizes. Our options include the flat faced ARC-8 design with great big brake clearance in the 178” ET20 size, or the concave-face version of the ARC-8 without big brake clearance in the 178.5” ET20 size. Both sizes are light weight, strong, and allow for popular 17" tire sizes.


    At APEX Race Parts, we’re enthusiasts and as a company, our goal has been to maximize value with a product that delivers front-running results without a premium price tag.
    APEX was born by creating, and Group Buying wheels for the E30 M3 8 years ago; long before "crowd sourcing" was a common term! We've always have a love for the car, but as we grew in recent year, we couldn't keep the wheels as a production item and we’ve been out of stock for both sizes and all colors for a long time now. We don’t want to leave this niche unfulfilled as we’re huge fans (4 staff members, past and present have owned one). This project means a lot to us.

    Feeler Thread?

    There seems like finally enough pent up demand now to make it possible for another production run for this application! We need to poll the community to measure which size has more demand, along with total demand. Since the community is so small, there is unlikely enough demand to produce both sizes unless we get a lot of votes and hear a lot of serious interest. Color production will also be limited to a few colors to make this happen. Once there’s enough interest we’d make these wheels available via a discounted Group Buy.

    How do I participate, and Vote?

    Post in the forum and (also important) answer our poll questions here:

    What if I have questions?

    No problem! Just ask below, or contact us at [email protected]

    Want to see more pictures?

  • #2
    Good news!

    I will be in for a set of concaves if you run them off again.


    • #3
      I do love me some APEX ARC-8's. Here are two pictures to show the difference between the 8 inch (front) and 8.5 inch (rear). Can't stress enough how much I truly love these wheels to Dave and the rest of the gang at APEX. Best wheels for the $$$. From looks to quality to lightweight characteristics.......O.K I'll stop now.
      If looks could kill...
      ///freshM3 piff :rastajake:


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        I love the concave look but need bbk clearance now. I currently run(from previous owner) flat face 17s high offset using a 20mm spacer.
        I'm in for bbk flat faced et 20.
        Tell Steve I said hi!!!!




        • #5
          Yes please!!
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            Cool. Maybe a gold colour option?


            • #7
              I'd be interested as well.


              • #8
                I am interested. I love the look of the concave face with these fenders, but wouldn't a 235/40 tire on a 8.5" wheel be stretching a bit? Or are most summer and track tires wide enough to accommodate?


                • LeeVuong
                  LeeVuong commented
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                  235mm tire on a 8.5" rim is actually 100% perfect.
                  235 on a 9" rim would start stretching. ;-)

              • #9
                I would be in for a set of concave's if they made again.
                Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


                • #10
                  concaves, I went looking for them recently, need them, hell i'd probably buy both styles.


                  • #11
                    I'm in for bbk flat faced et 20.


                    • #12
                      I like the concave. If I were going to do a 17" track wheel this would be it. I have to imagine the non-concave clears some BBK because some work with 16" wheels. Remember to vote here That being said I'm not really in the market yet
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                      • #13
                        And why not a 17x9 with 18-20 offset ? It will fit easily the rears with 235/40/17


                        • #14
                          Flat faced , i dont have good tire sizes here in brazil, 215/40 and 235/40 are very rare,
                          I only recently found ps3 on 215/40 and they touch the front on full lock
                          (TS 17x8 wheels with 5mm spacers and e36 evo arms with offset bushes)
                          Without the e36 arms, they touch in the rear part on full lock
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                            whats a ballpark price for a set of these if they go thru?

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                            • jdkoos
                              jdkoos commented
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                              I will take 17x8 ET 25 4x100. I need the 4x100 since they'll be going on a non-M E30. I actually need this exact wheel to max out competitiveness in my National Auto Sport Association (NASA) E30 in the Performance Touring class. If I run them this year (need them before March 19th, first race!) I have a good chance of winning the points championship for the year.

                              I'm committed to buy!