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Infamous 16" "Hartge Japan" rims

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  • Infamous 16" "Hartge Japan" rims

    Original 16" welded 3 parts "Hartge Japan" rims

    There is a lot of mysteries behind the infamous "Hartge Japan"

    Recently, "Hartge Germany" denied that those rims were build by them:
    erkauf1 @

    We hereby confirm that the wheels shown are NOT our products. Furthermore it has been brought to our attention that there are not only other “HARTGE” products in Japan also complete vehicles in/from Asia with “HARTGE Japan” engraved on metal plates, this has nothing to do with our company in Germany.
    HARTGE Sales

    H. HARTGE GmbH & Co. KG
    An der B 51
    D - 66701 Beckingen, Germany

    But in the late 80's and early 90's, 2 or 3 parts rims were not allowed on the domestic market and Hartge rims won't be street legal.
    So what rims where locally installed by Tommy Kaira, the exclusive Hartge dealer in Japan?

    Someone found some brochure of Hartge e30s from Japan and the car in the back looks like to have those "Hartge Japan"

    Those RIMS ARE different from the "Hartge Germany" build by OZ. Specially the position of the valves and welded vs 3 parts

    Is not impossible that "Hartge Japan" was a local manufacturer in Japan that build those rims without the authorization of "Hartge Germany". Some say that Enkei was the manufacturer

    Quality is very high however
    Those rims has also the JWL logo. It means that those rims has been self-certified by its manufacturer to meet the Japanese standard.

    Price for the Rims + Tires: $2490

    16x7.5J ET16 
    16x8.5J ET22

    -> Don't need spacers on a M3

    I have the rims power-coated. Please note that they over coated the hubs cover and for a perfect fitment, you may have to remove some paint on the side of the cover

    Tires has less than 1500 miles and are included

    Goodrich G-force T/A
    225/45ZR16 89W

    More pictures on the car:

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    Back from vacation and still for sale


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      up for a very nice set of Rims


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