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FS: AC Schnitzer Type 1 Racing

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  • FS: AC Schnitzer Type 1 Racing

    I’m in the process of cleaning out my garage for a move and am finally getting around to selling these wheels which have been languishing there unloved for the past few years. They are:

    ACS Type 1 Racing
    17x8.5 ET13
    17X9 ET21

    I obtained these refinished wheels from Markus in Germany about 10 years ago and installed Falken 452 tires 245/35 17 on the rears and 215/40 17 on the fronts. I put the wheels on the car and drove about 10 miles. I personally didn’t like the driving dynamics of the staggered width tires and didn’t like how much of the lip of the front wheel was exposed, so I removed them from the car and they have sat in my garage under a tarp ever since. They are in basically perfect refinished condition.

    I think $2500 is a reasonable price. I am willing to sell either with or without the tires (same price) and will ship at buyer’s expense (for materials and shipping cost). I would obviously prefer local pick up.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss.
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    Where is local pickup? Amazing wheels.


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      Thanks. Sorry about that, Austin, TX. Again, I'm willing to ship if you're interested.


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        they are Rennsport Typ 1 (3pcs wheels)
        And the price is really good as it is very hard to find them these days

        Typ 2 are the 2pcs wheels.... like that one

        if i remember ight you'll need some spacers for the front to use them or?


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          Thanks for the correction. If I can I'll try to edit the post. Yes, if I recall when I fitted them it was a 5mm spacer that I used, but I'm having trouble remembering exactly.


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            they are looking great on a M3

            Click image for larger version  Name:	01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	77.1 KB ID:	1303131



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              Thanks for the help Markus, they do indeed look great...deposit has been received. Sale Pending.


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                Lovely wheel, required spacers to run kills em for me


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                  Thank you to whomever edited my post for me to correct my mistake regarding the wheel type. Much appreciated. However, these wheels are now sold.