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FS SoCal: 17x8.5 OZ Futuras 3 piece wheels w/ Goodyear F1 tires...

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  • FS SoCal: 17x8.5 OZ Futuras 3 piece wheels w/ Goodyear F1 tires...

    I'm in a tight spot and need to sell my wheels. They're 17x8.5, ET +13 OZ Futuras, and are a perfect fit on the M3. Mounted on these wheels are Goodyear Eagle F1 tires that alone cost me $1000.

    Unfortunately I had to stretch smaller tires than I would have liked, but given my car's lowered stance and softish springs it's what I had to do it to avoid rubbing. Tire size up front is 215/40 and in the rear it's 215/45...I was bummed but surprisingly the car feels great with this setup and it's still VERY grippy thanks to those great tires. These are some of the best road tires I've tried. Super sticky, especially in the wet, which makes them great tires for this time of year.

    I bought the wheels freshly restored in July or August, so they're still pretty new. They balanced almost perfectly at the tire shop too! These wheels got a fresh powder coat, new hardware, and a clear coat to keep the polished lips nice and shiny. They've never been curbed or had any pot hole incidents. Right after I picked them up I noticed there's a slight waver in one of the lips (like looking at the reflection in body work that has been repaired) that I was concerned about, but the wheel is still true and I wasn't able to pick up the wave in the pics, so it's obviously not that significant. Besides that, these wheels are PERFECT!

    I'm asking $2000 obo for the wheels and tires. I accept Paypal, cash, and money orders. If the wheels don't sell locally I will consider shipping them. PM me with your offers and questions and thanks for looking!


    PS-the car will be for sale soon too :sosad: more info on that later

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    I Forgot....

    I still am trying to sell my BMP 1.8mm High Performance Head gasket. It's new, unopened and I'm asking $150 shipped for it. Any takers?


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      nice wheels...

      would you be willing to sell just the wheels?

      if so... how much?

      Have a nice day. :hi:


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        I suppose I could do that if nobody wants the poorly sized tires.

        I'll sell the wheels for $1500. They're rare, they're beautiful, and for that price I think they're pretty fairly priced...



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          you have pm


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            so you are really selling your car huh, very sad to hear that.
            by the way those wheels are super clean!!

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            [email protected]


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              Yeah, I need the money right now. I still have my shell to finish building, so I won't be completely M3-less.

              I'm thinking about picking up a clean, cheap e21 to use until I'm done with school this spring and can afford to really play with the M3 like I want to...


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                How many miles on the car? Thanks.


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                  go with a nice E30 325 e... bullet proof motor... and GREAT on gas... !

                  check the pm I sent you..

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                  Have a nice day. :hi:


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                    Originally posted by CleanAzzE30z
                    How many miles on the car? Thanks.
                    157,602. The motor runs great and has been well maintained by all owners.

                    Thanks for the suggestion Mike...replied too


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                      $250 a tire for 215's? Ouch, did you try tire rack? they're $126 at the moment. PM'd with offer


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                        Originally it was 235's at a Goodyear store and that's why it was so expensive, but we went through about 4 different tire sizes before we found a size that didn't rub. After spending hours on my car like they did, I was pretty much screwed out of any price break.

                        $126 is a deal for those tires


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                          does it need spacers? thankx.
                          :burn:RED DRAGON


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                            Originally posted by ogi///M3
                            does it need spacers? thankx.
                            No spacers needed...they fill the fenders quite well on their own


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                              Here are more Photos of the wheels before the tires were mounted, Hope this helps the sale

                              1985 Euro M5 3.5 - LS / Cloth

                              1985 Euro 535i - ZR / Cloth
                              1986 Euro 635csi ZR / PB
                              1988 E30 M3 - Henna / Blk
                              1988 E30 M3 - AW / Beige

                              1991 US E30 318i - DS
                              1993 Euro E34 M5 3.8 - DV / Blk
                              1994 Euro E34 M5 3.8 Touring / Ind
                              1995 Euro E34 M5 3.8 - Schwarz II
                              2000 US E39 528iT Touring - Blk
                              / Blk
                              2001 US E39 530i 5 spd - Sienarot / Beige
                              2001 US E39 530i AT - Ti Sil / Grey
                              1996 Lexus LX450 - 4WD
                              1987 VW Vanagon
                              (For Sale)