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SSR GT2 17x8 forged wheels 15.9lb - killer track/street setup

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  • SSR GT2 17x8 forged wheels 15.9lb - killer track/street setup

    I have a set of absolutely perfect SSR GT2s in 17x8 size all around. 5x120 and offset of ET40. Will fit E30 M3 with spacers (or maybe even without?). These wheels are very rare, not produced anymore, and are among of the lightest 17" rims ever made.

    I don't have detailed pics yet, but you can assume that they are perfect. I'll get detailed pics soon. IIRC, there's only one tiny ding from a lug wrench, but it's not noticeable. Other than that, no problems whatsoever. They are straight & true, no bends/cracks/curb rash or anything at all. Seriously, they have ZERO curb rash.

    I haven't weighed them personally, but specs online show between 15.4lb and 15.9lb... that is RIDICULOUSLY LIGHT!

    No tires unless you're local - in that case, I'll include Michelin PS2s (245/40/17, 2 shot, 2 have some minimal life left).

    Asking $1100 without center caps or $1300 with. Shipping is extra. I don't have an E30 M3, but I recently sold another set of wheels here and the buyer was happy with the transaction. I also have a great reputation on bimmerforums (under the same username) and have an iTrader rating of 8. Paypal verified and all.

    I had these wheels on my E36 M3, here's how they looked on a cloudy Seattle day:

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    Here are some detailed pictures. I discovered some minor imperfections but the wheels are still great, and definitely worth the price.

    Rim 1:

    RIM 2:

    RIM 3:

    RIM 4:

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      here to give you an idea of what they look like on the E30. I have them myself and i like them a lot!

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        Thank you!

        The rims are still available as of now. I have an interested buyer on bimmerforums but he hasn't sent payment yet.


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