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FS: Vintage 205/55-15 Pirelli 600s

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  • FS: Vintage 205/55-15 Pirelli 600s

    For those of you interested in restoring your E30 M3 to as close to original as possible, I have a set of four 205/55-15 Pirelli 600s that have approximately 4500 miles on them. Despite their age, they present well...look near new with excellent tread depth and definition. These tires were installed on an 325is new in 1987, and the car (which was always stored indoors away from the sun) simply wasn't driven much. To date, the car has just over 5,100 miles on it.

    Note that due to their age (nearly 22 years old), I would not install them on a car driven on public roads. However, for a museum/garage queen where absolute authenticity is important, these tires may be of interest.

    $135 shipped.

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    Sale pending.


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      And I was looking for one of those for my mint spare tire/wheel setup awhile back....that'd be a good way to sell all four (individually)....offer them as spares (for originality). I'd buy one for sure! :-)



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        The person who wanted the tires is not returning my messages. They are for sale once again. If four people are willing to purchase them individually, I'll break up the set for those wanting near new looking spare tires that are period correct. That said, I should reiterate that these tires are not for on road use...they are purely for cosmetic purposes only. Although they look nearly new, they're still 22 yrs old.


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          I'd be interested in one for $35 or $40 shipped.


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