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Hartge 3-piece 17"x10" parts

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  • Hartge 3-piece 17"x10" parts

    I have a pair of wheels ready to assemble. The 8.5" barrels are in very good condition, the 1.5" lips also in very good condition as whatever minor rash that was on the edges was sanded away. Whatever remains is barely visible.
    One center is perfectly flat, while the other has a very slight wave that I haven't had the time to measure yet. It may straighten out when assembled with the barrels. One of the centers needs to have the hub machined down by 3mm to offer te same offset as the other wheel. Or use a 3mm spacer on the other wheel.

    70 nuts and bolts will be supplied. Final offset is et49. With 25mm spacers it becomes et24, great for rear fitment or for an M Coupe.

    $650usd for the above. As is.

    Also available is a spare set of barrels, same size as above. $125 each.
    One 17" x 6" barrel available for $100usd

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    1969 2002 racecar
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    Would also take $400usd for two centers, two lips and 70 bolts and nuts.

    Or $450usd for two centers, two barrels and 70 bolts and nuts.


    massivebrakes[email protected]

    1969 2002 racecar
    1989 M3 racecar
    e39 Touring