I suppose this is more of a feeler.

About a month ago, I took the car out for a drive. An hour later, I returned to the car and noticed a flat tire. I stuck a can of fix-a-flat in it and limped home (it held for the ride home). I didn't drive it since. Last night I was installing wheel studs, preparing for a new set of wheels I have coming.

I noticed the wheel with the flat tire has a bent inner barrel. I'm not a wheel expert, I do not know if this is a sever issue or not. That said, I've been thinking about selling these regardless, as I want either a set of M-System's or ARC-8's. I will post what photos I have of them now, and take more detailed photos after the holiday craziness simmers down.

I've had these for about 2 years, and when I first purchased them they were torn down and I had the lips polished and gold bolts added. They're still in pretty good condition.

iPhone photo of damage:

More crappy photos:

I'll get to cleaning them up and taking detailed photos. I am open to trades, offers, or even advice on what to ask...