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AC Schnitzer type II concave wheels

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  • AC Schnitzer type II concave wheels

    I haven't visited this forum in quite some time but thought I'd try my luck, and thinking these would be tits on an M. I've sold plenty of stuff over on bfc and all other bmw forums. Here it goes...

    Hey guys,

    These are 18x8.5 et 15 all around with some 215/45.

    They are currently on the car but will be off this weekend or prior if I get a quick sale. They have no rash but do have some paint chips here and there but really not that bad. I'll take individual pics when there off. They are all balanced just fine. I'll include some hubrings.

    $1300 or possible trade for some multi piece rims...I'll add $ depending on what you got.

    Thanks for looking!!

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    Do these fit on unrolled stock E30 M3s?
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      I would say no 18x8.5 et 15
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        You'd probably need to roll the fenders. I just seen someone's signature with these wheels. It looked bad ass


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          Second post!


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            Hope you guys don't mind me using your pics!


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              Originally posted by platanos View Post

              ^ That is the only car wearing 18's.
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                you are correct sir! It must really look badass rolling on the highway. I get people staring at the wheels going


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                  As you can see I had to roll my fenders with 17's... 225/45 tires though. I'm sure you could get the 18's to fit but it will need massaging.

                  My car is a little different now... 215/40 tires, EVO II Lip, and camber plates to adjust it a bit.


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                    I only noticed that weld when I was cleaning them today. It balanced fine and never felt a thing while driving.

                    It pisses me off because the seller did not disclose this...

                    Since one wheel has the repair and the tires aren't the greatest, have NO RASH only a few paint chips, I'll let them go for $1000 firm.