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  • Brake Issues

    I have a s52 swapped e30 m3 track car and my entire car squirms real bad under hard braking. E36 m3 front calipers with euro floating rotors and e34 rear calipers. Hawk dtc pads, ground control coil overs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    remove the rear brake force limiter and get MUCH more rear brake. Just did this last week and went to VIR and the rear end squirm at the end of the straights was gone.



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      What tires are you running and what control arm bushings do you have?

      full tread toyo ra1s will get tread blocks to squirm under heavy braking, Also will have that problem with rubber control arm bushings.

      I have personally not had success by removing the rear brake limiter, not sure why some people are successful with that and otters arenít.


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        Federal rsr-rr. I think all my rear end bushings are original, but the front has ireland engineering lolipops. I plan on pulling the rear end out and replacing them with poly this winter. I'll look to see if I still have the rear brake force eliminator.


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          Start with known good suspension components (ie know you have good, working bushings in front and rear) it willl be easier to identify if the problem is brake related or otherwise from there. If your rear subframe and trailing arms rubber bushings are 25+ years old I think I would start by replacing those.