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E30 M3 on Daytona Track

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  • E30 M3 on Daytona Track

    Has anyone driven their car on Daytona? Is there any oiling problems with the S-14 on the banking? Mine has a oil pan baffle but am wondering if that is enough. Please let
    me know. Interested in trying a school there but don't want to blow the motor. Thanks for any info.

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    Additionally, it's always recommended to raise tire pressure and reduce camber at banked/high load tracks.

    For reference, this is what Hoosier recommends,

    Banked Oval / Road Courses

    Hoosier DOT radials are not intended for high banked super speedway or high speed and banked tracks like Watkins Glen International, however on these type of course configurations with the proper settings the tires can be used. In these situations, the loaded side tires should be elevated five (5) psi cold and hot above the normal road course pressure recommendations. Camber settings should be reduced to or below -2.0 degrees.


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      Filling the engine with oil past the full level until the first bend on the dipstick is also recommended and is where I leave mine after changing the oil, I don't have any experience with banked ovals but it does sound like a lot of fun and you have the baffle and over fill it with oil there is not much more that you could do other than donít push it to hard on the corners.

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        I drove on Charlotte many moons ago with a GC coiler setup and stock weight car with street tires. the only issue I had was that the suspension would be fully loaded in the high banked turns and any bumps or dips in the track would start sending it towards the wall.......

        make sure you look out you driver window over the mirror!! its a hell of a ride!!