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Sealing the cabin

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  • Ironhead
    The round ones are pretty easy. Places like McMaster-Carr sell round rubber plugs in pretty much any size you might need: Look at the "push in plugs for panels".

    They aren't in metric sizes, but they are flexible enough that the closest standard sized ones will work.

    Normally when a car is stripped down for racing, all the redundant holes and such are welded closed...but if your car is otherwise intact that would be tricky. Don't want to burn it down.
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  • ttw18
    started a topic Sealing the cabin

    Sealing the cabin

    Driving the car with zero interior. I noticed that a ton of heat, fumes and noise come through the many holes in the bulkheads and floor. How do people usually fill them? Some are round but a lot are weird shapes. I experimented using duct tape to temporarily block off some of the holes and noticed the cabin was significantly more hospitable.